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100% control for a perfect brand image.

Luxury, growth market where the label “Made in France” means quality, doesn’t tolerate any defect. The brand image is an important issue. The marking control on your products decor is essential to propose perfect articles for your customers.

We provide 100% control solutions on your production line.

  • Control in all marking colours: gold, silver, gloss, matt, varnished,
  • Whatever the marking technic or decor: pad printing, screen printing, hot stamping…
  • Whatever the nature of the area to decorate: flat, embossed or engraved,
  • In a large variety of complexes shapes products: cases for mascara, lipstick, nail polish, caps, covers, powder cases…
myris contrôle logo

myris logo control

Why compare images when myris recognize your logo?

In line, at 12000p/h rate, myris can perform a complete control of your logo.

Contrôle logo DIOR
Contrôle logo CD

Marking and chamfer control on DIOR caps

  • 2 cameras system,
  • Custom lighting

Rate: 3000 p/h,
Difficulty: silver marking


  • Logo quality,
  • Chamfer marking quality,
  • Marking excess on the piece top part.
Contrôle par Vision Industrielle sur capot de mascara LANCÔME
Interface contôle marquage de mascara LANCÔME

Marking control on LANCÔME mascara cover

  • 4 cameras system,
  • Custom lighting,

Difficulty : product shape


  • Marking on the flask’s body,
  • Rose stamped logo,
  • Edging, flat and tilted top.
Contrôle logo et décor chanel sur capot

Double camera CHANEL logo control

  • 2 cameras system with variable positions,
  • Difficulty: 4 products with different colours, shiny or not,
  • Square or round cover.


  • Marking control,
  • Marking position relative to embossing.
Interface contrôle logo chanel capot
Contrôle logo Clarins

Logo control on CLARINS case

  • 2 cameras system,
  • Custom lighting.


  • CLARINS marking control (lack / excess)
  • Background (blackspots, ink traces…).


Contrôle logo Clarins
Contrôle par Vision Industrielle sur logo CHANEL : P

CHANEL logo control on round cover

Difficulty: 2 sizes, 3 colours for each model:
  –  Champagne with brown marking, 
  –  White with black marking, 
  –  Black with white marking.


  • Marking position relative to the piece,
  • Marking quality.
Contrôle logo Agnès b.

Agnes b. logo control

Black marking on silver background.


  • Contouring logo control.

Logo GUCCI blanc sur gris

GUCCI logo control

Matte gold marking on pink cover.


  • Lack and excess marking detection,
  • Marking position relative to a reference position.

Marking control on sleeves

  • 2 cameras system,
  • Custom lighting,
  • Control resolution: 25 μm on the border, 45 μm on the top.


  • Text control (position, quality, curve effect…),

  • Top edging control.

Contrôle marquageet décor sur bouchon DAVIDOFF

Marking control on DAVIDOFF cap

Several patterns.


  • Full logo control (quality, integrity, lack, excess…),

  • Ring control (quality, integrity, lack, excess…),

  • Elements position (logo + ring) relative to the piece

Contrôle marquage et décor boitier MAYBELLINE

Decor control on MAYBELLINE case


  • Lettering control,
  • Embossed decor on contour,
  • Label presence and position if apply.


Interface contrôle de marquage MAUBELLINE
Contrôle de marquage et décor sur capsule

Marking control on cognac cap

In line, this system allows to effectuate a marking control on plastic caps.

The system supports the automatic ejection of non-conforming parts.

Rate: 30 000 p/h.

Contrôle de marquage sur fer à repasser
Contrôle logo TEFAL

Marking control on iron Tank handle

Several marking and products colours.


  • Marking position and quality.
Tampo Calor