Secteur matériaux de costruction

Control and ensure "savoir-faire" quality in Terracota sector.

France is one of the world’s leaders in terracotta. Tiles, bricks, slabs, cladding… manufacturers had adapted their production to the needs of the market by innovating and pushing technicity: thermic phonics, ecologic… criteria.

Machine Vision allows to control aspect and dimension of products to certificate the sector’s “savoir-faire”.

Contrôle sur brique en ligne

Flatness control on brick

Full system with frame and air-condition bay.

7 fixe lasers system.

Precision: +/- 0.2 mm on a bench of qualification for a piece granulometry of +/- 0.05 mm;


  • Curve (rectitude), flatness (warped),
  • Perfile.
Contrôle planéité sur brique
Contrôle déformation briques

Bricks deformation control

  • 6 lasers system with adjustable positions,
  • Multi-references with differents sizes.


  • Dimension: lenght, hight,
  • Shape: vertical deflection.
Contrôle déformation briques

Measurement of tile geometry

10 laser system in 2 lanes,

Precision: +/- 0.5 mm


  • Measurement