Secteur activité pharmaceutique

A production controlled at 100% for an indispensable security

To manufacture safe and reliable products destined to the general public is a big responsibility.

Vision machine allows pharmaceutical sector to certify a traceable and secured production.

Our solutions comply with 21 CFR part 11 standard.

Contrôle ampoule 2 pointes
Contrôle ampioule 2 pointes lors du formage

2 points vial control


  • Dimensional control: length, diameter of curve shape, radial distance…

  • Absence of glass fragments inside the vial

Interface Contrôle ampoule 2 pointes
Contrôle orientation sur seringue

Breakage control on syringe

In line syringe control system on plastic support.
18 syringe per holder.

  • 2 cameras system, 2 lighting,
  • Rate: 8 syringe / sec.


  • Damaged syringes (broken),
  • Syringe position,
  • Fragments detection,
  • Needle orientation control.
Aspect et positionnement verres ophtalmiques

ESSILOR ophtalmic lens control machine

2 cameras system, 3 lighting


  • Diameter measurement,

  • Micro-etching search,

  • Logos identification,

  • Shape control,

  • Orientation in relation to robot clamp.

Contrôle de code à barres

Bar code control

Rate: 100 p/min

Compliance with 21 CFR part 11 standard.
Compliance with ANSI standard.


  • Bar code reading and quality in compliance with ANSI standard,

  • Unicity of reading.


  • Bar code position,

  • Presence of unique label, complete marking, others elements.

Contrôle Code à Barres
Contrôle de plaque de test

Test plate control

Rate: 1200 plaques / h.
Compliance with 21 CFR part 11 standard.


  • Solution drop presence at the bottom of cupolas.