Secteur activité electronique

High added value products: the precision of Vision as a quality pledge.

Telecommunication, computer science, microprocessors… electronic is part of our daily lives.

In order to stand out from emerging countries, French Production need to keep an excellent image of its manufactured products.

This precision technology that we want to miniaturize to the extreme, needs vision control to guaranty quality of these high added value products.

Contrôle de disjoncteurs
2 système contrôle disjoncteur

Circuit breaker control

In line, our system checks all five sides of the product at the same time and handle automatically the flow and ejection.

  • Multi-camera system (up to 7 cameras),
  • Multi lighting,
  • Management of more than 500 references.

Rate: 1p/s.


  • Quality, colour, reading, conformity of markings,
  • Schneider Electric logo control,

  • Sides aspect, absence of blackspots,

  • Elements presence and conformity (code wheel, cutting, connectors, lockout button, screw, tags…),

  • Breakages detection.

Contrôle de KSA

KSA control

Defilement speed : 15 meters / minute

  • 3 cameras system,
  • Custom lighting.


  • Control of hatches position,
  • Cover position control before crimping.
Psition trappes
Contrôle plaquettes WAFERS

Measure on wafer

Outline system with motorization of lift-off process.

Measure of lift-off propagation of 2 wafer.

Ebréchure sur WAFER

Chipping defect

Fente sur WAFER

Slot defect

RFID cards control

2 cameras system


  • Antenna position compared to the edge of the width,

  • Label position compared to the liner.

Carte RFID

Chip card or contactless card control

  • Credit card control: presence and conformity of all elements
  • Hologram control
Controle hologramme
Controle hologramme
  • Glue beads dimensional control on inserting machine (3000 cards / h)
  • Contouring control
Controle contouring carte
  • Dimensional control of cavity on processing machine (4000 cards/h)
  • Resin dimensional control on micromodules (15000 modules / h)
  • Measure and position of glue patch (transparents and whites) on micro-module machine (15000 patch / hour)
Mesure et position