We are specialized in realization and integration of Vision control systems for over 25 years.

We offer complete “turn-key” Systems developed to Specifications.

Our Products and Systems are modular and customizable to answers each Customer’s specific needs.

Our expertise and “savoir-faire” enable us to support manufacturers with the implementation of a 4.0 production.


Nos compétences

Our competences

Our reactivity, your best ally to face emergencies of your production constraints.

Nos références

Our references

Trusted customers, effective partnerships that make us grow.



A team at your disposal: Advice, study, training, integration, realization, after sale service.

Our work

Machine vision consist to take one or more images of the object to be controlled or to be visualized thanks to one or more sensor: camera, laser…

The images are then scanned for use by an image processing software most often dedicated to the control in question.

Once the image has been processed, a decision is made according to predefined criteria and an action is taken.

For example, when a marking on a lipstick case is found to be non-compliant, it is ejected from the production line.

Our values


You have a need, we are looking for the best solution.


We develop dedicated, qualified and
long-testing specific algorithms.


By our commitments on the performance and the transparency of our work methods, our solution are “healthy applications”.


We are not distributors of a given band and objectively select the equipment which best suit your problem.


Our systems are robust and provide you a constant control regardless the nature of your production environment: vibrations, lights, dust, temperature, etc.


Our reactivity: your best ally to face emergencies of your production constraints.