Secteur emballage

100% quality control for a 0 defect packaging.

Checking the quality of packaging to certify a perfect product -both technically and cosmetically-to final customer: maximum brand image security.

The message is clear: your customer is important and you take care of him!

Ovellus contrôle de soudure

Ocellus, controls trays sealing

Allow to control the integrity of thermoformed trays.

  • Welding, deformation, shift film, sticker presence position, use-by date, bare code…
  • Online control: 10 000 trays / hour.
CCVE : contrôle de pots en plastique

CCVE: plastic pots control

Allow to control lack of material, the burrs on the joint face, stickers presence and position.

  • 5 cameras system, custom lighting,
  • Online control: 8 pots / 5s,
  • Frame, conveyor, Vision and Ejection in less than 1M of length !

Cans deformation control

Allow to measure the deformation of steel or aluminium cans during conveyor transport.

In line control: 90 000 pieces / hour = 25 pieces / sec !


  • Dimensions,
  • Collar ovalization,
  • Collar one-off deformation (crushing / impact on double seams),
  • Can lid conformity.
Contrôle de fermeture de sacs

Bags closure control

2 cameras system, custom frame.


  • Detect wrong closure on bags (geometric defect and aspect defect),
  • Bags intrusion detection at input machine.
Contrôle de paille

Straw control

Multi-format system: colours, transparencies…

In line, at a rate of 800p/min.


  • Dimensional,
  • Cuts,
  • Presence,
  • Position relative to the bag,
  • Diameter of folds (interior / exterior)