A global support

  • Helping you to define your need,
  • Realize and integrate a custom solution,
  • Allowing you to maintain the system in long run,

…it’s @bc Vision Industrielle’s mission.

Advice, study, realization, training… Our team offers you their services to elaborate YOUR solution of Vision control.



To define precisely a need in Machine Vision can be a difficult task.

Our team is here to bring you its expertise and to help you to make an informed choice according to the reality of your production.


Study / Research

On specifications and samples, we realize systematically a pre-study with the final material in order to validate the solution.

In this way, we can commit to the performance of our systems, work calmly and satisfy our customers.



Definition of material, parts plan, assembly (mechanic, electric), realization of custom lightning… our team masters all fabrication steps.

Each system is tested during several days in production mode before delivery.



Our team delivers and install the system on our production line.

We left your locals only after checking the system is working properly in production.



Know how to use a new tool of production is essential. A transfer of knowledge is necessary.

We offer several levels of training: system maintenance, settings, creation of new products…


After sale service / maintenance /
remote control

You still have difficulties despite of our training? Don’t worry, our team remains at your disposal.

Everything will be done to solve your problem: maintenance, remote control, intervention, spare parts…