Secteur d'activité embouteillage

Control of the entire bottle: level, cap, label, turbidity…

Guaranty your brand image and the security of consummators is a crucial issue.

Your customers require a perfect quality on bottles, both aesthetically and technically.

We have solutions for an 100% control on bottling lines: from the simple label presence control to complete facing verification according to the need.

We combine cameras, sensors and custom lighting to offer you a complete control system which best fit your need.

Contrôle de bouteilles

Bottles control

The system checks bottles in their bottling line in order to ensure their conformity.

Defectives products ejection is done automatically after control.


  • General decor (label, cap, capsules, muselet, seal…),
  • Alignment of elements with each other’s,
  • Liquids aspect (levels, particles, turbidity),
  • Defects cause by disgorgement (cap sinking, miroir, bottleneck).

Natural or synthetics cork stoppers control

The quiet and really precise ejection system allow to remove non-conforming products from the line at a very high rate.

  • 4 camera system,
  • Precision up to 0,01mm,
  • Rate: to 15 000 at 30 000 pieces / h.


  • Material lack, colour,
  • Intrusions, 

  • Shape, dimension,

  • Orientation,

An easy and fast implementation for a machine with low floor space requirement: 600 x 700 mm only!

Control, conveyor and ejection for an ultra-compact system!

Contrôle de marquage et décor sur capsule

Capsules control

In line, the system allows to do a quality control in all-kind of over-corking (ABS, PS, PP, PC, PE, stainless steel …), bare or assembled capsules.

The system supports the automatic ejection of non-conforming parts.

Rate: 30 000 p/h.


  • Dimension,

  • Shape,

  • Aspect,

  • Colour,

  • Marking.