Profilomètre 3D

3D measurement of products height

This system enables you to measure the height of various products lying on marble.


  • 3D fast acquisition: back and forth of the sensor along the axis in few seconds,
  • Automatic running and live results display,
  • High precision: inferior to 10 µm (depending of the product size).

A precise and suitable outline tool

The superior axis moves a contactless sensor all along the marble.

Calibration phase allows to record the marble basic profile (Calibration certificate by a metrology center is provided)

 The results can be seen immediately on control screen.

Mesure 3D, déplacement capteur
Interface mesure profil 3D

The system is suitable.

  • Useful length of the marble,
  • Defilement speed,
  • Measuring range,
  • Sensor precision….

…depend on products to be measured and customer needs.

For exemple :

  • For a 500 mm product length,
  • And a precision inferior to 10 µm,

the axis defilement speed is 1 to 2 seconds; the return takes 1 second.


Contrôle de profil de produits

An ergonomic conception

Profilomètre 3D : ergonomie de travail

An ergonomic measuring system:

Results displayed on 20” screen, adjustable IHM system, retractable tablet for note-taking…

Profilomètre 3D : Informatique et boitier electrique intégré

Informatics and electrics parts are integrated to the frame for an independant system with a space requirement equal to marble size.

Profilométrie 3D : une mécanique robuste

A robust conception which allows an extremely precise and reliable measure.