CSR Policy

Bilan RSE Industrie

Our CSR policy

Doing business in a way that respects people and the environment? It’s natural for @bc Vision Industrielle.

Since our creation, we have never stopped developing our social and environmental practices based on common sense and respect.

Formalising our CSR Policy has enabled us to take stock of what has been done and to put in place actions for constant improvement.

Since we signed up to the ” Développement durable – Rhône PLURIEL ” Charter in 2008, our aim has been to align the way we do business with our values: to promote development that is fair and inclusive, respectful of the environment and economically favourable.

At @bc Vision Industrielle, we are all committed to this common goal.

Working in industry is building the world of tomorrow.

So let’s build factories 5.0: humane, efficient and sustainable.


Our 2023 CSR report

In 2023, our CSR policy has focus on 4 themes.

  • SECURITY: Improving working conditions and employee safety,
  • HUMAN: Respect for the rights of everyone within the society,

  • ENVIRONMENT: Respect for and protection of the environment,
  • MANAGEMENT AND PERENITY: Management adapted to a sustainable company.

FR* of accidents at work

*FR = Frequency rate
number of accidents at work (with one day’s absence or more) X 1,000,000 / nb of hours worked.

R&D investissement
0 %

10% of our turnover is reinvested in
Research and Development


  • Setting up a SINGLE DOCUMENT FOR ASSESSING RISKS: aimed at improving and standardising the company’s internal operations.

  • Training of employees assigned to high-risk tasks – electrical clearance, forklift trucks, etc.

  • Provision of personal protective equipment personal protective equipment for employees.

  • Implementation of a fire procedure with a referent + posting.


  • Male-Female ratio = 1, as many jobs filled by women as by men.

  • Egal pay, only skills justify pay.

  • Salary maintained in event of illness = no waiting days.

  • Quality of life at work: promoting well-being at work by encouraging social occasions.


  • Several electric vehicles available for business travel.

  • All the structure equipped with low-energy light bulbs.


  • Use of a new-generation reversible central heating system + high-performance wood-burning stove.
  • Recycling and reuse of materials: packaging, electrical (after testing and validation), mechanical, etc.

  • Systematic recycling of : cardboard, paper, electrical wires, IT equipment, ink cartridges, batteries, light bulbs, oils and chemicals.



  • Sound finances: 100% share ownership, no loans or debts.

  • Part of our turnover is reinvested in R&D every year.

  • Our systems are designed to last over the long term . Some machines have been in operation for 20 years!

  • We offer a Maintenance Contract with preventive and predictive maintenance to extend the life of our installations.

  • Retrofitting our systems. No need to change everything, we reuse what we can.

Is it really useful to formalise a CSR policy?

A pragmatic approach based on common sense and respect seems to be enough, doesn't it?

Well, it can have a number of advantages:

By clearly defining the company’s values and commitments in terms of social responsibility and employee well-being, it makes it possible to:

  • take stock of what has been done,

  • monitor progress,

  • identify how to improve,

  • implement corrective actions in a more structured way.

At @bc Vision Industrielle, we’re proud of how far we’ve come

and of the direction our company has taken over the last 20 years!

Formalising this policy also enables us to communicate more effectively. More transparency = customers and partners trustfull, for healthy and lasting relationships.

This approach helps us to progress and contribute to creating a positive impact for our employees, our stakeholders and society as a whole.