Ovellus contrôle de soudure

Ocellus trays sealing control

During the filling of food trays, it may appear that products overflow on the sealing areas.

Ocellus controls food trays borders and eject automatically the ones with defect in the sealing area.

  • 100% production control,
  • 24-hour operation,
  • Easy and fast implementation,
  • Installation, Commissioning, Training.

A reliable tool integrated to the production

Control intruders in the sealing area.

Robust to production risks (tray deformation, shifted film, asymmetry cutting).

Options: stickers presence and position, use-by date, back label…

  • Stainless steel construction,
  • Quality material,
  • Electrical box integrated in the frame and elevated to facilitate water cleaning,
  • Working in refrigerated environment (5°C),
  • Easy opening for conveyor access,
  • Suitable to all products and sizes,
  • Rate: more than 10 000 trays by hour.
Contrôle de barquettes en salle blanche
Système de vision compact
  • Compact vision system, only 1100mm  long!
  • Custom lighting,
  • Quiet and reliable modular ejection, safe for the operator,
  • Stainless steel modular belt conveyor.


Testimony from our customer LUSTUCRU FRAIS in 2006...

“@bc Vision Industrielle even brought us knowledge of our own process.
Stéphane SEGUIN
New projects Manager at LUSTUCRU FRAIS

Systems still up and operating since 15 years!

Systems adapted and adaptable, the key to success…