Total control of the Vision solution


free of our choices

No partnership with one brand or another. The definition of our system is only motivated by the technical solution.

Our mastery of all conception steps ensures reliable Vision Control systems.

In-house solutions

Our team offers you Vision control solutions fully developed in-house: software development, mechanical study, assembly, testing and validation... everything is done on site.

Our mastery of the business allows us to commit to performance and therefore to manufacture robust and reliable systems..

Faisabilité - Une maîtrise totale de la Vision Industrielle


Specific study on specifications and samples.

Bureau d'études - Une maîtrise totale de la Vision Industrielle


The full Study is carried out by our research department.

Développement - Une maîtrise totale de la Vision Industrielle


Our software is entirely developed in-house according to the real need.

Suivi client - Une maîtrise totale de la Vision Industrielle

Customer care

Maintenance contracts, training, remote control, system evolution…

Custom lighting fabrication

Reliability of a vision system depends of the image quality acquisition. That’s why lighting is such an important element.

The majority of our applications require custom lighting. We conceive and manufacture specific lighting allowing to highlight the desired characteristics. The efficiency of our lighting allows clears acquisitions, regardless of the production constraints and products nature.

Our strong experience in Machine Vision allowed us to develop many different lighting.

LED bars, simple or double Backlight, Ring lighting, Dome lighting, Low angle lighting, SWIR, Miniaturization…

Our lighting cover all luminal spectrum: from the infra-red to the ultra-purple.