Secteur activité aeronautique - une sécurité certifiée.

100% quality control in aeronautic to guaranty security.

The aeronautic is an advance sector which requires a 100% control quality for optimal security. All production steps, realization, assembly, need to be scanned to avoid any anomaly. Systematic verification offers by Machine Vision provides a reliable and traceable control.

Our solutions comply with  21 CFR part 11 standard.

Chargement d'un avion BELUGA

Landing assistance of
loading / unloading platforms


  • Absolute position of the platform (17m long) relative to the plane,
  • Angle correction extraction (yaw, pitch, roll) and correction of X, Y, Z positions during approach.
Mesure lignage AIRBUS A340

Sections AIRBUS A340
assembly assistance

  • Front and back sections alignment system,
  • Measurement of aerodynamic before sewing (yaw, pitch, roll),
  • 2 mm resolution on X, Y, Z.